Daytime menu

BREAKFAST and LUNCH served until 3pm

Porridge served with Jam or Honey £3.00

 Porridge with Figs, Dates & Apricots poached with brown sugar & Vanilla Pod, or Poached Plums £3.50

Blackbird Granola with Turkish Yoghurt £3.50 with Fresh Berries & Pear Syrup £5.00

Scrambled eggs on toast  £4.50

 3 rashers Bacon + £1.50

 4 mini Brindisa Chorizo sausages + £2.00

roast Tomato  + £1

roast herbed Mushrooms + £1

            Smoked salmon +  £2.50

 Two slices of toast with butter and jam, Marmite or marmalade £2.50

Leek & potato cakes with ham or smoked salmon, two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce £8.00/£8.50

Home made baked beans on toast with a fried egg £6.50

French toast with Fresh Berries & Pear Syrup £5.00

Avocado on sourdough toast, fried egg, chorizo sausage and tamari toasted pumpkin seeds £7.00

Tarts of the day, please see at the counter, seeerved with mixed leaves  £5.50

Salads of the day, please see at the counter, served with mixed leaves and bread £5.50

SANDWICHES until 4pm

please see list at the counter

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